• Megan G. Bernard

    A higher education professional facilitating inclusive, meaningful learning for all students

    My mission is to contribute to a just, sustainable, and equitable community by supporting students and leading innovative, inclusive programs. I create networks of committed individuals to facilitate students' efforts to develop skills to be capable, reflective, and invested participants in public life.


    I am skilled in team leadership and collaboration; co-curricular program planning, assessment, and reporting; mentoring; student development and leadership coaching; academic advising, writing and speaking for diverse audiences; training and policy for diversity and equity; and training and policy for trauma-literate Title IX compliance.


    I am a parent, a cyclist, and a citizen of Chicago by way of rural Colorado.

  • Education

    Northwestern University
    Doctor of Philosophy, Communication Studies: Rhetoric and Public Culture


    Indiana University
    Master of Arts, Communication and Culture


    Trinity University

    Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communication

  • Holistic Student Success

    Each opportunity to educate a student is a covenant that must be honored


    I believe that every student can succeed when they encounter knowledge through immersive experiences, engage in intentional mentoring relationships, and participate thoughtfully in their community.


    I believe that every student can thrive when they are valued as individuals and their material and socio-emotional needs are recognized.


    I believe that institutions of learning are obligated to enact a student-centered model of success that supports individuals' self-actualization at all stage: matriculation to college, learning and persistence in college, graduation from college, and a meaningful professional and civic life after college.


    "Taking the Lead in Your Learning"

    Strategies, information, and encouragement for students adapting to a new learning environment. Appropriate for all students, with content designed for first generation students, nontraditional students, and students with marginalized social identities.

    "Your Mission Statement"
    Guiding students to self-awareness by linking major selection, career planning, and academic goal setting to personal values. Appropriate for all students, all levels.


    "Seeing Your Strengths"
    Guiding students to effective goal setting by coaching them to identify their strengths and weaknesses in and out of the classroom. Appropriate for all students, all levels.


    "Raise Your Voice"
    One-off public speaking lesson to support students who are anxious or inexperienced in presentations and public address. Appropriate for all students, all levels, with content adapted for ESL speakers.


    "Learning from Feedback"
    Guiding students to requesting evaluation and employing constructive criticism from educators, supervisors, and mentors in their lives. Appropriate for all students, all levels.


    "Nurturing Your Network"
    Guiding students to developing robust and diverse teams of supporters as they prepare for life and careers after college. Emphasis on ethical, reciprocal relationship development. Appropriate for all students, advanced levels.


    "Showcase Your Success"

    One-off lesson on describing experiences and aptitudes to strangers through interviewing, networking events, and ePortfolio creation. Appropriate for all students, advanced levels.

    "Thesis Support Series"
    Three workshop series supporting the identification and narrowing of a research topic, managing a faculty advisor, staying on task, and preparing for final submission and presentation of a major intellectual work. Appropriate for all students, advanced levels.


    "Winning at Funding"
    Strategies and resources for securing external funding through scholarships and national fellowships. Appropriate for all students, all levels.


    "Winning at Online Learning"

    Study skills, time management, communication routines, and content review strategies for getting the most effective learning out of online courses. Appropriate for all students, all levels, who are enrolled in or considering an online class.


    "Retention in Your Classroom"
    Strategies and resources for faculty members who wish to support vulnerable students through their instructional methods, classroom culture, and course policies. A blend of cultural competence, applied scholarship of teaching and learning, and dialogue facilitation. Appropriate for all faculty, all levels, all disciplines.

  • Skills

    Supporting transformative education and life-long learning since 2004

    Program Development and Leadership

    Innovation, expertise, and enthusiasm

    Managing staff, budgets, and resources to complete multiple simultaneous projects and events in the service of mission-driven goals for the unit.

    Integrating student development theory, program-specific assessment data, and personal expertise to design and implement targeted interventions.

    Determining tasks and workflow, delegating strategically, and encouraging teammates' commitment to major collaborative enterprises.

    Assessment and Reporting

    Quantitative and Qualitative Data for Decision-making

    Designing or applying instruments to evaluate student needs, understand the consequences of institutional practices, and analyze program outcomes.

    Conducting long-term and one-off studies as appropriate. Reporting for internal and external audiences with varying degrees of depth, as needed.

    Academic Coaching

    Asking Powerful Questions

    Highly personalized one-on-one advising that establishes a student’s agency and responsibility for their education.

    Emphasizes strategic and systems thinking, questioning to prompt reflection, and introductions to other mentors to challenge and support students’ growth and achievement.

    Dialogue & Workshop Facilitation

    Facing Challenges and Changing Cultures

    Guiding small group discussions on difficult topics or conflicts by encouraging participation, candor, and clarity for individual growth and consensus building.
    Creating and delivering workshop content that nurtures an inclusive, respectful campus culture by empowering individuals to engage in constructive behaviors and self-awareness.

    Policy Crafting and Adjudication

    Transparency and Consistency

    Establishing policies that are consistent with institutional mission, state, and federal guidelines.

    Defining clear, equitable, and transparent boundaries for behaviors to support learning and protect every community members’ well-being.

    Addressing violations of those boundaries in respectful, firm, education-oriented, and timely ways.

    Written and Oral Communication

    Poised and Engaging Presentations

    Adept at adapting trainings, formal and informal messages for diverse audiences and changing contexts. Experienced in thoughtful editing for consistent voice and style across multiple message channels. Comfortable, engaging, and confident delivering presentations and programs exemplifying principles of active learning in all settings.

  • Teaching

    My teaching philosophy and practice center on delivering relevant and meaningful knowledge in ethical, responsive, and collaborative ways.


    I have taught Theories of Persuasion; Consumer Power in American Life; Public Speaking and Civic Engagement; Interpersonal Communication; Leadership Theory and Development, and Public Speaking.


    I have also developed and lead numerous workshops on community engagement and teaching, undergraduate thesis writing, and principles of ethical, adaptive leadership.


    I have developed and led trainings for trainers on sexual violence and discrimination prevention and Title IX policy and procedures. I have developed and led a program of trainings and workshops on sexual respect, consent, and bystander interventions for students, faculty, and university staff.

  • Where to find me.

    megan.g.bernard (at) gmail (dot) com